• Aero Cleaning


  • April 2020 - Dec 2022

    Project duration

  • Redesign Website


  • www.aerocleaning.ca



Business needs

I was hired by Aero Cleaning in April 2020 and tasked with improving the company's branding and identifying. With little knowledge of design, I redesigned the company's website using WordPress and Elementor plugins to change each elements. The goal of this rebranding effort was to create a more modern-looking site that would improve branding and identifying; my personal visual attraction played a role in my decision making process for building the new site. All changes were then verified with the business owners. Here first what I found in the first attempt at redesigning.

Apr 2020

Finding errors and redesigning for the FIRST time

I made changes on sticky header, logo size, changed all colors to company brand colours and taking with owners during redesign stage I added few images that standing for value of company (Candian brand)

Error-finding in the redesign process

1. Propotion: Sticky menu on top of website is too big.

Logo of website is too big and does not have enough padding.

Icons on the top right is too small compare with others.

2. Consistency: Color is consitency (there 3 colors: green, blue with diffeent contrast) all are not stay consitent with brand color on logo.

White space is different in

3. Image of website: three images of image banner has different contrast.

4. Contrast: Testimoniors section has low contrast which is not readable and accessible.

Dec 2020


Share information about your brand with your customers. Describe a product, make announcements, or welcome customers to your store.

Dec 2022

Finding errors and redesigning for the SECOND time

After learning Google UX design courses and reading few books about visual design. I started reviewing my last work and find what I can apply design principles to my work.

Error-finding in the redesign process

In my second attempt to find the errors in my design, I found many mistakes, including spacing, letter styling, proportion, and contrast. The most significant problem with my design was a lack of visual hierarchy.

Detail of error on page:

1. Contrast

2. Hierarchy

3. Contrast + Herarchy + Image

4. Hierachy

5. Margin + White space

6. Noice + Image

7. Hierachy

8. Contrast

9. Padding + White Space


Apply visual design principles to design

New versions uses hierarchy, similarity, and proportion principles to make visually appealing

Final Design

Built in Figma

  • Visual Hierachy is the key

    I should consider visual hierarchy from the very beginning of the design process. Taking this into account can prevent me from making unnecessary changes later in the redesign process.

  • Propotion, images, and colors are crucial

    I find that using the grid system helps me to create a better proportion between elements and better spacing between them.

    The brand will be better if images and colours are clear and consistent. I highly recommend anyone who wants to become better at UI design take the Photoshop courses.

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