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    Oct 2022 - Jan 2023

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    Solo project after finishing Google UX Course


Yusen Logistics Sales fail to achieve the sales target

I began my sales career in 2012 and excelled as the top salesperson at TNT Express. However, in 2017 while working as a Sales Executive at Yusen Logistics, I, along with my team, was unfortunately let go due to falling short of sales targets. I often wondered why I was unable to reach my goals. In 2022, I had the opportunity to reconnect with the Yusen Operations Manager during her visit to Canada, and we discussed the sales team and their processes. This led to the creation of ideas for a product that could assist sales individuals in managing their performance and hitting their targets in a more positive manner.

The Solusion

Sale Performance Management are key

Research / Secondary research

Ways to hit sales goal target

  • Mange Sale Performance
  • Improve sale pipeline
  • Increase Average Sale
  • Stay positive and engage in sale activities
  • Reduce the length of sale process
  • Sale Training Activities
  • Use CRM application

User Interviews/ Primary Research

After doing secondary research, I wanted to hear my target users to cater the final product towards their needs

Research Question

1. Tell me about your current sales target?

2. How you achieve your sale target?

3. What was your process for trying to achieve that target?

4 Tell me about a time you fail to hit sales target?

5. What the difficult part about trying to achieve sale target? why?


Main Insight

No effective way to manage sale performance

Based on the trends in my affinity map, I’ve noticed how they manage all activities of managing information and data by Microsoft Excel and folders to save and manage sale activities and they focus on some of main activities to hit sale targets: Check sale performance , search for freight rates and industry knowledge of different commodities.



Direction to create a solution

One of the factors to consider before designing is how you will protect confidential information. I started to think of a web app that browses on company desktops or laptops and then sales usually go out to visit customers that would be best to have an app on the company’s mobile. The app can build in a face ID or two-factor login to prevent leaking confidential information, hence- I stuck to an app for my final solution platform.


Testing & Improvement

3 Major improvements in my design

Base on users' feedback. I made 3 major improvement in my design

The FInal Design

The final product

Desing system

The Style Guide

Conclusion + Lessons learned

What I’d do differently next time.

My first UX project was a great learning experience, I see myself struggle through: Design thinking, Design principles, UI design process, Prototyping. I am proud of myself to make this far. Here is some of the few steps I would love to take for next projects

Heavier research can lead to easier design

Final product always solve users’ problem. Align design with user goals will help users archive their goals easier, this can done in heavy research process

Design principle is crucial

I reviewed design principles (Gestalt principle, colour theory, typography) for hundreds of times in order to have a strong foundation in design. I understood that each principle is important and plays an important role in design.

Start everything with paper and pen

I forced myself to use Figma for every part of my design process, but at the end I realized how much time it could have saved me if I had started from paper.

Building design system from the early stage of UI design

Create a consistent design style is so hard if I don’t use any design system. After spending thousand of hours since I started designing, now I feel more confident with my UI Design skills

Thank you for reading! ✨

If you would like to hire me for work, please email me at buianhtuan.26@gmail.com

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